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Unison: Together you Can

Integrated campaign

It’s no mystery that getting into a new home or taking the equity out of your current home can be a real problem. It usually requires you to take out a loan from a bank which means extra debt in your portfolio. Unison is a new company looking to change all of that. They invented something called Home Co-Investment. This new model means that you don’t pay Unison, the home does. They partner with you to put down up to 20% on a new home or take out up to the equivalent of your existing home for a share in the future appreciation. That means that more and more people are getting into homes or making their homes work for them when they do it in Unison. This lead to the brand tagline Together you Can.

Our task was awareness so start the campaign, we launched several broadcast spots which aired during the NBA playoffs that looked to entertain audiences and drive qualified leads to their revamped website.


The first spot to launch was titled Doors. We setup real doors all over San Francisco much like a traditional domino course and then, like Domino’s, knocked them over to the beautiful track “Blue Danube”. The majority of this spot was done all practically with physics exceptions being made for the dramatic uphill climbs. We worked with Director Paul Trillo, production company Farmuse and effects house Ring of Fire to pull off a hyper challenging undertaking.


As a companion piece to Doors, we wanted to create something that grounded the brand more firmly in the brand promise of Together you Can. Ryan Simon of Strike Anywhere films directed this and the subsequent films.


Moving day is an exciting day for a family. Its the promise of a new home with new possibility. The subsequent series of films all focus on very relatable, touching moments. Perhaps the most emotional was Lucas, the new dog trying to find his place in a new environment.

Some Assembly required

Who hasn’t struggled putting together pre-fabricated furniture? Directions are usually inadequate and parts incomplete. Good thing we have a partner to help us through the rough parts.

Dinner Party

The thrill of owning your first home is conveyed in many ways, one of which is celebration with your family. We celebrated this fact by focusing on this small moment of spontaneity.

Out Of Home

To bolster support for awareness, we ran a series of out of home billboards that were Bay Area specific. Aimed to highlight the problem around housing prices, we used the real estate of the billboards to dramatize the price per square foot in the bay and out of reach it seems, until now. Together with Unison, customers can now move closer to owning the homes of their dreams.