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Seed Matters: Modern Farmer article

A meal 10,000 years in the making 

“The problem with the farm-to-table thing is that it jumps
into the story halfway.”  
         - Mathew Dillon (director of Seed Matters)

Here are four films that are in support of the Modern Farmer article about a dinner 10,000 years in the making.  The first three films focus on the individuals who helped bring the event together and their individual perspectives on the importance of seed. The fourth piece expands on the importance of seed as we see the dinner itself unfold. Shot by the talented production company, Plan A films, my responsibilities included  the dissemination of footage to find the narrative, create a structure by which to feature each pf the primary participants, art direction and editorial direction. 

Seed Matters: mini case study

Seed Matters: Mathew Accarino

Seed Matters: Mathew Dillon

Seed Matters: Frank Morton