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Peets coffee


In 2018, Peets updated their customer site and many of their pieces of marketing collateral. This was an opportunity to update not only their Roastery video, but also create a series of How to's and also tell the Alfred Peet story in a charming and approachable way.

As the CD for Cutwater, I was responsible in early ideation and conceptual execution. Working with Director Eric Wolfinger and the Peets team, we created the backbone of an editorial style that captured the mood, tone and passion of the good men and women that are responsible for curating this incredible coffee. I collaborated with the design studio Uncle Ginger and Trevor Oldershaw on the Peets side, to execute the visual style and editorial narration for the Alfred Peet story. Finally, we made How to videos fun by creating an environment reminiscent of a Wes Anderson [iece which I ultimately directed.

Peets Roastery story

The Alfred Peet story

How to: Chemex

How to: Cold Brew

How to: Pour Over