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I like to lend a hand when possible to create things that bring me some joy and satisfaction, especially for a worthy cause.  So, when creative powerhouse Evan Fry created this satirical blog, Make Donald Great Again, I had to get involved.  The Blog focuses on the posit that, what if Donald trump actually leans into the problems that our country faces?  I chose to create a vignette featuring Donald engaging the disenfranchised middle class he so heavily leveraged in the 2016 election.


John Reid had an idea. It was campaign season but not like any campaign season we had seen before. Or was it. Didn't it feel eerily similar to Idiocracy?  Yep, it sure did. So, we decided to have a little fun amidst the misery that was the current political landscape. I designed campaign posters for President Camacho, the iconic figure from the film idiocracy played by Terry Crews. The signs were situated on lawns and windows in the bay area and the surreal suddenly didn't feel so surreal at all.