toby petersen Creative

Dell Security:


Our challenge was to get CIOs to think of Dell Security as the enterprise solution that allows them to help their organization fulfill its business needs without putting the company (or their careers at risk).  The security space is often riddled with fear and plays into the anxiety of being compromised, which leaves little room for differentiation.  So we created a campaign that demonstrates how Dell Security can be the happy medium between keeping CIO's business needs fulfilled and themselves anxiety-free. By implementing the Department of Yes from Dell Security, the they can have it all.

We started off with a photo shoot in the Dell offices.  Included was a fully functioning neon sign which became the hero of the campaign. This also provided the sales team with a compelling marquee to be used at trade shows and events.


The photoshoot provided collateral to be utilized across numerous pieces of marketing collateral including the Dell security homepage and banners.

Finally, we created refreshing cans of Yes for sales people to pass at out to prospective clients and for trade shows.